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Dog Training

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Dog Training Guns

Man's best friend. If you have ever had a dog, you know your dog's favorite place to be is right by your side. Some dogs are even called upon to be work / recreation dogs and need specialty training to do so. Some of the most common dog training involves getting your dog acclimated to the sound of gunfire, which is an absolute necessity for hunting dogs, police dogs, and military dogs. At Blank Gun Armory, we offer several models of dog training blank guns. If you prefer a .22 caliber dog training gun, try our Viper .22 caliber revolver. High quality, great pricing and special orange grips make this dog training starter gun an obvious choice. If you prefer a .380 caliber blank gun, our Viper .380 | 9mm blank gun is another great option. With the capacity to accommodate three different .380 caliber blank loads, you can gradually acclimate your dog to increasing noise levels of gunfire

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