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8mm Blank Guns

If you want more bang for your buck when it comes to 8mm blank firing guns, then you have just found it right here at Blank Gun Armory. 

Our 8mm Blank Firing Guns are semi-automatic models. Load the magazine, pull back the slide to chamber the first round and fire our 8mm blank cartridges as fast as you can pull the trigger. All of our 8mm blank gun pistols feature precision metal construction with single and double action capability. Made from top quality manufacturers like Bruni and Voltran | Ekol, you know you’re purchasing quality 8mm blank guns when you buy from Blank Gun Armory.

Whether to be used as training accessories, stage props, starter pistols, or gorgeous collector's pieces, our 8mm blank guns boast superior craftsmanship in every aspect, delivering an authentic look and feel of the real thing. In addition to the high level of quality, you get incredibly low prices and competitive shipping on all of our blank firing guns!