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mcas-miramar-police-conduct-active-shooter-training-140402-m-cj278-042.jpgAt BlankGunArmory, we carry a wide variety of blank firing guns which are excellent training aids to use when conducting active shooter training exercises.   

Our blank guns provide the realism needed in training exercises without the danger of using live ammunition or other replicas that fire projectiles. Whether you want to train with a semiautomatic, fully automatic blank gun or single/double action blank firing revolvers, we have the training aid for you!

See what Sheriff Harrell of the Bartow County Sheriff's office had to say about the Bruni 8mm M92 blank firing gun: 

“The weapons worked flawlessly. The weight and look of the blank gun is very realistic and the 8mm blanks are very loud (ear protection would be highly recommended). The weapons have been fired several times and we have not had any issues with the weapons at all.”

See what Sheriff Maier of the White County Sheriff's office had to say about our Kimar model 92 front firing blank gun:

“The Kimar 92 front firing blank firing gun worked perfectly for our active shooter training. We switched from air soft weapons due to some minor injuries to officers during the training.  Also, did not like leaving the pellets in the schools, hard to locate them all. These guns have solved both issues and are loud enough to give realistic effect.  We have had no issues with the guns”.


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