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9mm/ .380 Caliber Half Load Blank Ammunition - 50 Pack B380-50CALTD

Collector's Armoury, Ltd

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2 units
Blank Ammunition
9MM REV/.380 R cal
Cannot Ship To:
CT, DC, IL (Chicago, Aurora), KS (Topeka), MD, MN, NJ, NY, PA, PR, RI, WI
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This half load 9mm/.380 cal blank ammunition is suitable for blank firing revolvers of all kinds. These half load blanks are specifically designed for use in blank firing replica revolvers. High quality brass casings ensure carefree shooting.


  • 9mm (.380 caliber)

  • Blank ammunition

  • Used for blank firing revolvers

  • Half load

  • 50 pack

  • Note: AMMO ships GROUND ONLY. Shipping by air violates Federal Laws. If ordered with a gun shipping by air, we will ship separately by ground and charge the additional shipping amount to your card.