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Jackal Full Automatic 9mm Front Firing Blank Gun 33061 FFRONT FIRING

Voltran | Ekol

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Blank Firing Gun
Front Firing
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Introducing our fully automatic front firing machine gun pistol simulator. Front firing blank guns raise active shooter training to a whole new level. These are perfect for stage and film as they amplify the experience for your audience. The clip ejects with the push of a button and can be loaded with 15 9mm PAK blank cartridges. The front firing blank pistol has a working fire-selector switch, which changes the pistol over from semi- automatic to fully-automatic. In semi-automatic mode, the pistol fires off one shell with each pull of the trigger. On full-auto, though, the pistol will fire off its 15 rounds in 1.9 seconds, so long as the trigger is held. The Jackal only fires single action. The trigger safety is located on the switch actuator near the trigger where you toggle between semi-automatic and full automatic. The safety switch located near the hammer is not functional and for aesthetics only. All blank firing firearms should be treated like live, working firearms and afforded the same caution, care, and respect. Exercise the same caution and safety with a blank firing firearm as you would with a live firearm, whether it is loaded or not. You must be 18 or older to order and 21 or older to sign for the package. This front firing blank gun cannot be converted to fire live ammo. It complies with ATF regulations and has been approved by them for sale in the United States. No federal license required.

Front Firing Blank Gun Features
  • Front Firing machine gun pistol

  • Fire off 15 rounds in 1.9 seconds

  • Fires in Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic Modes

  • Loads 9mm PAK Blank Cartridges

  • Matte Black Finish

  • Features an Ejecting Magazine that Loads 15 blanks

  • Measurements
  • Length: 8.5"

  • Height: 5.5"

  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.

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    • 5
      Full auto beast

      Posted by Phuong Nguyen on Oct 13th 2023

      Thing fires like a machine gun on full auto mode!

    • 5
      Jackal Full Automatic Front Firing Blank Gun - Satin 33061 FFRONT FIRING

      Posted by Michael Swain on Jan 18th 2021

      I just received the Jackal Full Automatic 9mm Front Firing Gun & I have to say this is an Awesome Item to have if your a collector or maybe for entertainment productions. The weight is great & feels nice in my hand. I ordered the Satin finish & it looks really really good & so I fired it & everything works smoothly & when I put it in Full Automatic it worked flawlessly & it even got my heart pumping a little because how fast it fired off 15 rounds & the sound is great. One thing I do have to say about this company is the customer service is great. Even though this was a back order item, they said it would be here on 1/12 & they shipped it on 1/13 & I received it today 1/18 & that’s with the weekend. That’s how fast they get items out. This is my 4th gun from them & will continue to purchase from them.

    • 5
      Sturdy build

      Posted by Andrew Keathley on Aug 20th 2020

      Greetings from CO, Overall im impressed with this blank gun as well as the website. Very strongly built and works like a charm. Great prices and shipping here. Hope this website doesnt change so i can keep coming back. Thanks

    • 5
      Jackal 9mm

      Posted by Jody outen on Sep 24th 2019

      Great gun it's the bomb really nice works like a charm